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In 2020, Tiktok was the most downloaded app in the world, and now it has an estimated growth of 85% in the US and an average of 100% worldwide

Tiktok rapid growth has reached 200 countries with the biggest brands wanting to take advantage of Tiktok advertising platform

Now is the time to take advantage of the platform since its advertising opportunities are cheap with high engagement 

TAS Digital is the leading Tiktok advertising agency with a specialized team in helping businesses reach millions of users worldwide. out team will help you in creating the best high converting ads, set up and manage your campaigns for reach, awareness, and conversions campaigns

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Very satisfied went above and beyond my expectations. you're reading this right now I wouldn't look any further for anyone else to hire other than this agency here...

Eren CEO of Hoodooden

Ad creatives are amazing! Communication is perfect and organized, TAS Digital kept us updated through the whole process of Tiktok ads, Very patient and the ads were launched perfectly.

Miracle Founder of Electroluxe

While managing Facebook Ads successfully, TAS Dugutal added Tiktok advertising channel, design and edited new creatives and resulted in unexpected great sales for our brand

Farah CEO of The Eid Tree

    tiktok stats speak for themselves

    689 MILLION


    52 MINUTES






    what to expect from our tiktok advertising agency

    As experts and users of the platforms, we know what makes a video engaging and Ads converting. after creating and launching consistent Tikok ads daily, our experts will know how to help your brand reach the target KPIs

    our strategy in a nutshell

    The ACO operation
    Before we start any campaign, we start an operation called Foundational Audience, Copy, Creative, Offer (ACO). This operation enables us to gain a deep routed understanding of your ideal audience industry and true metrics. In addition, we analyze your reach and conversion processes to identify the holes that may be prevalent, then we give the needed consultation, create the compelling copy with creative direction and do the necessary methods to create the right strategy.
    Building the initial foundation
    Once we have a detailed understanding of your ideal audience, product, and your brand mission, and once we prepare all the necessary assets. Our structure of ads will start building, this is where we test the market and creatives, collect data and then simultaneously build funnels, feedback loops, and audience structures which enables us to transform strangers to brand enthusiasts.
    Becoming the industry's behemoth
    After going through iterations, data, and metric evaluations, we will realize who your ideal customer is and what resonates with them the most. It is at this point when we start injection the proven paid traffic funnel with high spend and with predictability. Thus, creating the proven strategy that will bring consistent and significant profitability to your business.

    why tas digital

    Passion, Transparency and Guarantee

    Talal Abu Alshamat
    Founder & CEO

    The Ultimate Remote Team

    TAS Digital is a fully remote agency with a team all around the globe working ruthlessly with revolutionary brands’ founders to solve problems for millions of people worldwide.

    Talal started his digital marketing journey building eCommerce businesses and creating marketing strategies around them. After realizing his marketing passion, he started gaining experience, certifications, and helping small businesses grow. In the journey, he discovered great brands with big goals and great solutions built on weak marketing foundations, so he decided to start a venture with relentlessly talented and passionate marketers that have pure knowledge of the social landscape like no other.

    Talal Abu Alshamat
    Founder & CEO

    are we a good fit?

    We are very selective about new clients/partners. We are looking for businesses that are a good fit for our culture of growth, constant improvement, and fast tempo work.



    We would need some content from your side, such as some of your Tiktok videos if you have, other video content from Instagram or any other material. After that,  we start with creating the copy angles of your product/service and then we start with the editing of Tiktok video ads and the designing process.

    The numbers of Tiktok video ads and reviews we will provide are endless, because, at the end of the day, we want to reach your objectives, so we know that we always have to test and refresh creatives.

    In our Tiktok Advertising Agency, We offer our qualified clients the most effective deal, so we tend to price our service case by case depending on the brand’s current revenue, profit margins, and budget.

    We give 30 days-money back guarantee after we have started launching the campaigns. 

    Unlike other agencies, our onboarding process only takes 60-90 mins from your time where we can get all the information and assets needed. After that, we do a strategy call where we give creative consultation, then when all assets are ready, we can start immediately.

    We initially ask clients to stay with us for 3 months. This gives us time to create the ultimate ROI machine.

    ready to begin your Tiktok advertising journey?

    We have limited places for 2022. Please submit your application ASAP.

    TAS digital resources


    In this article we want to talk about the fundamentals for a business owner, digital marketer or team manager for optimizing performance …

    Machine Learning is here and its growing everyday. As Humans, we are in luck, or not! but we can have to understand it and take advantage of it in our advertising strategies.

    Yes, the solution is finally here! no its not a magic software that solves your website's problems. It is step by step configurations that you should do to be able to track your Facebook Ads, Snapchat Ads, and Tiktok Ads.

    We will teach you to identify the most common points of friction in the discovery, purchase and post-purchase phases of the path to purchase. In Addition, We will show you tricks on how to reduce friction.

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