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TAS DIGITAL ecommerce scaling strategy

We have collectively created this strategy from years and years of experience and packed it up in a 7-mins video. this is the internal strategy that we implement for all our clients to scale their business with social media advertising. From this video, you can get an idea of our agency's approach or you can actually implement this strategy for your business. 
Basel Jazzazi Co-Founder of Roots

"Tas Digital grew our business exponentially through conversion optimization strategies, Facebook ads (setup, management and execution) Snapchat Ads, Tiktok Ads and Influencer Marketing, We were really happy about the way they communicated professionally and the way they showed full transparency in their profession"

Samuel Sotomayer CEO of Sotomayer Markeitng

"TAS Digital has helped us in creating 100s of ad creatives, and optimizing over 30 e-commerce Shopify websites for our products, they setup and managed successful Snapchat ad structures and campaigns

Julio Marketing Manager of Childsplay clothing

We had worked with several other marketing companies in the past who did not deliver results as expected. I'm happy to say that Manoj is helping us get more sales through Facebook Advertising. He helps bring our vision to life. Thank you!

Farah CEO of The Eid Tree

"TAS Digital has helped The Eid Tree reach almost 1000x ROI through Facebook and Instagram ads, as well as optimizing the Shopify website to look professional and convert much better."

Eren CEO of Hoodooden

"Goes above and beyond to make sure you r equipped to do the task at hand. Very satisfied went above and beyond my expectations. you're reading this right now I wouldn't look any further for anyone else to hire other than this man right here... I will definitely be back."

    case study

    Spent 15k resulted in 130k in 1 month

    8.5X ROAS, After IOS 14 UPDATE

    Client’s Case Study:

    The brand’s marketing team had some issues in optimizing and scaling. They were advertising well but didn’t analyze the insights and failed to utilize data. They used to get a good ROAS and if they saw a decline in performance, they were turning those ads off before Facebook could optimize it for them. Also, the brand had problems with targeting and audience structuring, where they didn’t focus on their niche while targeting and tried to target many people by choosing a vast audience. After running our CCAR operation, then doing more audience and data analysis from their previous metrics. We optimized their BOF (Bottom of the funnel campaigns) and then launched new prospecting campaigns utilizing ABO and CBO structures. Through this strategy, we have achieved an 8.5x ROAS in spending 15k and making 130k in the month of June 2021


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