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What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is improving every day without us even noticing it. For social media platforms, this technology is what increases users’ activity and makes them stay longer, which is their main goal.
The machine wants to learn the user’s behavior, understand what the user wants and feed him/her more according to what they like.

We have seen the total advantage of this technology with Tiktok. This platform is winning in the market because, in my opinion, it is using the most advanced machine learning along with psychology tactics that hook the user.

Tiktok is fast-paced, which is what users need right now since we do not have time to watch long videos or videos that do not give us the instant reward that we seek, whether it’s laughter, smile, knowledge, etc…

Machine learning technology learns what you like when you simply engage with the video in different ways:

  • If you watch it completely
  • Liked
  • Commented
  • Saved
  • Shared


if you have fully watched a video about how to brush your dog’s hair correctly, you will be served another video about dogs or a dog’s brooming techniques. This is how machine learning works, it works on all platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Netflix, etc.. and it is improving consistently.


In Facebook advertising, it works similarly, however, to make it work properly you need to give the system flexibility, and this is what Facebook calls Liquidity.

Liquidity is the ability that makes ad spend move wherever it should be to achieve the best results for your Facebook Ads.

Let’s take an example, you are running a prospecting campaign and you have a potential reach of audience, when you make restrictions such as spend limit, or limited placements, you are decreasing the options for the system to reach the audience by setting fewer parameters.

You may think it is not logical, but if you give the system the chance to explore more, it will eventually find and learn how to reach your audience with the lowest cost per result.


Especially after the IOS 14 update, Machine learning right now is fundamental to digital marketing and it absorbs data fast to reach the best result through its algorithm. At the end of the day, it wants to reach the interested audience and show them the right ad with the right budget.

What are the data points that the machine wants to know?

Facebook Ads AI works and uses algorithms and predictive analytics to find the right audience at the right time and with the most effective cost.


To take full advantage of machine learning, you should explore the idea of Liquidity. You could achieve this method by giving your Facebook Ads the flexibility between four areas:

P.S: Each liquidity version will have its explanation soon, if you find a clickable link already on the versions, you can check them out.

The Future!?

There is a rumor saying that Facebook plans to make their advertising platform a robot working on its own, without a human interaction, it can optimize, scale, and find the best results, alone!

To be honest, I do not think it is fully possible, it will still need human supervision in charge. But, you never know, the AI creepily and ultimately will take control of all our lives


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