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With IOS 14 update, a lot of marketers are struggling in reading the metrics on Facebook Ads dashboard and figuring out whether their ads are performing well or not. I read a lot of blogs and I am a participant of many Facebook buying groups where I see people crying over this problem. At the end of the day, there is no magic solution to this issue, if there is, then it would be all over the marketing news and forums where everyone would be celebrating and life would be wonderful again. However, there are some optimizations you can do where you will be able to track your Ads performance as much accurately as possible.

All businesses need to read and evaluate metrics so they can be able to shorten the path from discovery to purchase effectively 

IOS 14 Checklist

This checklist will introduce you to some configuration you can do right now to be able to track your conversions better and potentially gain better results.

1- Verify Your Domain in Facebook Business Manager

This is a must right now! you should verify your domain through Facebook Business Manager, this way, you will have the chance to optimize your Aggregated events


Go to Business Settings > Brand Safety > Domains > Add > Add you domain and verify it by choosing 1 from 3 different approaches

2- Configure your aggregated events

Aggregated Event Measurement limits domains to 8 conversion events that can be prioritized for campaign optimization. you should optimize your ads for prioritized events, so your ads will deliver to and report on people who are opted-out of tracking on their Facebook or Instagram apps on an iOS 14.5 or later device.

choose facebook pixel events that are most valuable to your business, and prioritize them accordingly. For e-commerce the best events configuration is the following:

1st Priority: Purchase

The purchase can take up to 4 events and more if you want to optimise forpurchase value

2nd Priority: Checkout/Add Payment info

3rd Priority: Checkout/Add Payment info

4th Priority: Add to Cart

5th Priority: View Content

If you are able to add more then add these:

6th Priority: View Content

7th Priority: Subscribe

8th Event: Choose what suits you.

3- Setup Conversion APIs

Conversion API setup also better your tracking. You can easily choose Facebook e-commerce platform partner such as Shopify or WooCommerce to integrate it, if you need more detailed implementation, it is better that your developer implements them manually.

Events Manager > Settings > Scroll Down to Conversion APIs

4- Connect Google Analytics ecommerce tracking

In Google Analytics is of great importance to analyze and evaluate your customer journey. You should enable e-commerce tracking, This way, the analytics will show you detailed tracking of your events in your website. 

After you enable it, you would use the UTM builder to track your campaign’s conversions accurately.

5- Build UTM links to track your conversions

UTM Parameters or Urchin Tracking Module Parameters are five variants of URL parameters a lot of marketers use to be able to effectively track the metrics of online campaigns across platforms and advertising modules.

When creating campaigns, you should go to the Google UTM builder where you can build your Ads URLs there and add them to your campaigns.
Each Facebook Ad you create should have its own link, this way you can see the metrics separately, compare, evaluate and iterate the Facebook ads accordingly.
When you are on the website, you just fill in the information as it is in the picture, after that you will get the link you can use. 
Then you can check the metrics not only on the Facebook Dashboard, but you can also check them on Google Analytics Dashboard.

6- Upload your customers' list in facebook audience

If you already have a consensual data in your website for your customers’ emails, names, etc.. This is a gold mine that should be and can be used on Facebook Ads. You can simply upload the list you have and then Facebook will match the data that it has to your list. With this data, you can retarget your customers and create a Lookalike audience from it (Lookalike audience means people that potentially have similar data, interests and preferences).

To do that do the following:

Go to Audience > Create Audience > Custom Audience > Customer List

You can do that also on Snapchat Ads, as well as Tiktok Ads.

7- Creative & Copy Variations

Because of limited data tracking these days, you should always find innovative messages and ways to reach your audience. It is better that you always create different creative angles for your product using video and image assets. Always try to give value to your customer through ads and through copy. 

Always test and keep creating new creatives for the different audiences you have along the marketing funnel. 

You are at least knowing that you have neutralized the fact that your audience will have Ad fatigue (seeing an ad too much that your audience will produce a negative opinion about your brand)

Always look what other brands are innovating with ads and copy the ad structure and ideas, some of the trending ads these days are:

  • Motion Ads (Static image with moving copy or objects)
  • UGC Ads (User Generated Content)
  • 2/3 split ads (splitting a video)
  • Long form structured video ads, which means telling your brand story along with using some humor or pattern interrupt tactics, also showing UGC and using CTAs


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