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TAS Digital will Guarantee you results!

TAS Digital is on a mission to be the only agency that the client will work with, Period. We eliminate the struggle of clients working with non-reliable agencies. We have removed the risk 100% for you. if we do not deliver profitable results, we refund your money, Contractually guaranteed.

We Breath Ads, We Create Funnels, We Implement Strategies

Our love for advertising has produced pure focus and passion on what we do, therefore we do it better than anyone else. At work, we funnels and read metrics, at meetings we talk advertising and creatives, in our free we invest in learning how to implement best strategies. Clients love us because they know that this is our passion, so we produce results because we love to, not because we have to! We have stripped away all wasteful services that hinder our focus. Thus, sustainable in what we do, and  that is why we produce results. 

We work with specific clients only and offer them one significant service, which is building paid ads systems that produce consistent profits round the clock. 


John Santos Founder of Blackout Coffee

We made the switch to Tas Digital, and within two months we were already seeing a higher ROI across the board. Talal and his team are professional, trustworthy, can provide advice, and deliver results; they’re absolutely worth it.

Gulnar Tyndybaeva Founder of Nature Hedonist

We started working with Tas Agency end of last year, in 2021 as part of digital marketing strategy for our e-commerce platform. What we appreciate the most is that Tas agency team is part of our Nature Hedonist team, and they share the passion and willingness to grow our brand not only to Gulf markets but also worldwide. Focusing on results and deliverables, they do not wait for us to take the first step, they always come up with some new ideas and researches

Asima Iq. Founder of Desert Rose Boutique

"Working with TAS Digital has been a great experience all around. Talal is very knowledgeable, patient and professional in the way he works. His team executes really fast, but he also makes time to listen to my concerns and take them on board, seeing the relationship as a true partnership and wanting our brand to succeed. I'd be happy to recommend TAS Digital to any e-commerce brand."

Farah CEO of The Eid Tree

"TAS Digital has helped The Eid Tree reach almost 1000x ROI through Facebook and Instagram ads, as well as optimizing the Shopify website to look professional and convert much better."

Eren CEO of Hoodooden

"Goes above and beyond to make sure you r equipped to do the task at hand. Very satisfied went above and beyond my expectations. you're reading this right now I wouldn't look any further for anyone else to hire other than this man right here... I will definitely be back."

Julio Marketing Manager of Childsplay clothing

We had worked with several other marketing companies in the past who did not deliver results as expected. I'm happy to say that Manoj is helping us get more sales through Facebook Advertising. He helps bring our vision to life. Thank you!

Basel Jazzazi Co-Founder of Roots

"Tas Digital grew our business exponentially through conversion optimization strategies, Facebook ads (setup, management and execution) Snapchat Ads, Tiktok Ads and Influencer Marketing, We were really happy about the way they communicated professionally and the way they showed full transparency in their profession"

Samuel Sotomayer CEO of Sotomayer Markeitng

"TAS Digital has helped us in creating 100s of ad creatives, and optimizing over 30 e-commerce Shopify websites for our products, they setup and managed successful Snapchat ad structures and campaigns

    With the right machine you will conquer.

    Within 3 months, you can be the beast in the market

    It is all about consistency and systems

    95% of the time you think you are doing the right marketing strategy for you product, you think that there is no other brand that is competing with you in the industry. When you look more closer, eventually, a behemoth is here or will come and eat your market share through the strategy of consistent systems. However, brands do not realize that if they build the right strategy plan, there is a good chance of gaining the market share and scale significantly in profits and return on investments. When we enter our client’s system, they never look back and always look to be the top.

    It is the strategy of research, evaluation, and incremental performance which builds our clients’ confidence, Once we manage and maintain monthly advertising expenditures, we will put our customers first, and eventually, they will become industry leaders, and everyone in their market will naturally be attracted. Therefore, increasing our clients’ market share, that will also automatically result in organic marketing through word of mouth and other methods. When you start confidently generating CPA (cost per purchase)/CPP (cost per purchase) at a price that makes sense for your specific profit margin and combines it with an expansion strategy that really converts, you are on the way to eat the big market share in the industry. We make our clients become industry leaders and industry giants.

    The omnipresence in Funnels

    If your brand is not implementing marketing funnel strategies, then you are leaving thousands of dollars on the table every day and every month! The funnel strategy is known in marketing for decades, but we know that our clients may not have the time, knowledge, and resources to carry out this structure. This is where we come in and generate 100s of thousands of Dollars through retargeting, prospecting, and scaling heavily by feeding the funnel. it is the backbone of the marketing strategy that we implement accurately. Each phase of the strategy will be built around the variations of creatives and copy we created, so we can literally speak to your audience depending on where are they in the phase. This strategy is where you will strike a nerve in the audience and give extra value that leaves them with no option but to be more interested, more engaged, and take action.


    We appreciate creativity, design, and copywriting as much as we appreciate the strategy. Nowadays, brands that do not innovate with ad creatives that resonate with their potential customers in the marketing funnel, they will be left out from the brands that grab the attention of these customers. So we take this seriously, our designers and copywriters will assist, brainstorm and create proven attention-grabbing ads that are designed specifically for the right audience in their marketing journey.

    what to expect from us

    Case Studies

    From $0 to 400k

    2.6X -4.5X ROAS, before and after IOS 14 UPDATE

    Client’s Case Study:

    This client launched in 2018 and specialized in watches and sunglasses. Their designs and niche in the industry and location were unique. Before they partnered with TAS Digital they were only utilizing Influencer marketing as their strategy, which brought them around $100k of revenue, and then they could not scale anymore. Influencer marketing is a great median but it is not a healthy strategy to structure automatic funnels for a consistent ROI. They started with TAS Digital with no previous ad structure at all. They had a limited budget and wanted to start slowly, so we came in with a structure and we were able to take them from $0 to $400k through 1 year with their limited budget only with paid media strategies only.

    Spent 12k resulted in 110k in 40 days

    6.5X - 12X ROAS, After IOS 14 UPDATE

    Client’s Case Study:

    This client was responsive to us from our outreach emails. They created an innovative decoration product that resembles people emotionally and is designed and manufactured perfectly at a price of $300/pc. The client had one goal, which is to sell out all the pieces within 60 days. We have booked a call with this client through our email outreach methods, It was not a happy conversation when she explained to us how much she tried with other agencies and freelancers that just asked for retainers without caring about her loss. She basically was desperate to find the right team to build the right strategy for her brand. First, we knew that her brand, product, and offer are on point, however, they only needed the right guidance and structure to reach the right audience with the right message. When we came in, first we assisted in optimizing the landing page, creating backend funnels in email and SMS retargeting. Then after running the foundational CCAR operation, we started our campaigns resulting in 6.5x to 12x in ROAS through an ad spend of 12k and sales of 110k in 40 days, in addition to an 80,000% in email and SMS marketing where we spend $0 in email and only $14 dollars in SMS.

    Spent 15k resulted in 130k in 1 month

    8.5X ROAS, After IOS 14 UPDATE

    Client’s Case Study:

    The brand’s marketing team had some issues in optimizing and scaling. They were advertising well but didn’t analyze the insights and failed to utilize data. They used to get a good ROAS and if they saw a decline in performance, they were turning those ads off before Facebook could optimize it for them. Also, the brand had problems with targeting and audience structuring, where they didn’t focus on their niche while targeting and tried to target many people by choosing a vast audience. After running our CCAR operation, then doing more audience and data analysis from their previous metrics. We optimized their BOF (Bottom of the funnel campaigns) and then launched new prospecting campaigns utilizing ABO and CBO structures. Through this strategy, we have achieved an 8.5x ROAS in spending 15k and making 130k in the month of June 2021

    turning your $1 to $4 or $5 or $6

    We are 100% performance agency, therefore, we dig deep to bring out your profits as much as possible

    So much can be done through advertising and great results can occur from that. But after years of experience and a fortune in ad spending, we know that advertising average results are 60% of businesses. Not even the best agency in the world can get any E-comm business top results. Because there are different factors that need to be consistently adjusted and play a big role in conversions.

    One of our clients has made 80,000% ROI in SMS and email marketing alone. This is why strategies are things we 100% help clients with because after all we are a 100% performance based agency and if we can generate out an extra 1 – 3% conversion rate within your sales process, it’ll make our advertising much more successful.

    our strategy in a nutshell

    The ACO operation
    Before we start any campaign, we start operation called Foundational Audience, Copy, Creative, Offer (ACO). This operation enables us to gain deep routed understanding of your ideal audience industry and true metrics. In addition, we analyze your reach and conversion processes to identify the holes that may be prevalent, then we give the needed consultation, create the compelling copy with creative direction and do the necessary methods to create the right stategy.
    Building the initial foundation
    Once we have detailed understanding of your ideal audience, product and your brand mission, and once we prepare all the necessary assets. Our structure of ads will start building, this is where we test the market and creatives, we collect data and then simultaneously build funnels, feedback loops, and audience structures which enables us to transform strangers to brand enthusiasts.
    Becoming the industry's behemoth
    After going through iterations, data and metric evaluations, we will realize who your ideal customer is and what resonates with them the most. It is at this point when we start injection the proven paid traffic funnel with high spend and with predictability. Thus, creating the proven strategy that will bring the consistent and significant profitability to your business.

    why tas digital

    Passion, Transparency and Guarantee

    Talal Abu Alshamat
    Founder & CEO

    The Ultimate Remote Team

    Talal started his digital marketing journey building eCommerce businesses and creating marketing strategies around them. After realizing his marketing passion, he started gaining experience, certifications, and helping small businesses grow. In the journey, he discovered great brands with big goals and great solutions built on weak marketing foundations, so he decided to start a venture with relentlessly talented and passionate marketers that have pure knowledge of the social landscape like no other.

    TAS Digital is a fully remote agency with a team all around the globe working ruthlessly with revolutionary brands’ founders to solve problems for millions of people worldwide.

    Talal Abu Alshamat
    Founder & CEO

    are we a good fit?

    We are very selective about new clients/partners. We are looking for businesses that are a good fit for our culture of growth, constant improvement, and fast tempo work.



    Our passion is what we do, we do not work because we need to. We study what we do and have enough expertise that we GUARANTEE our clients if we do not deliver. When we scale and help our clients, seeing the smile on their faces from the big accomplishments, we feel amazing! 

    At the end of the day, our partnership should be a win-win. This is why we pick our partners where we are absolutely certain that we can help them.

    TAS Digital Guarantees:

    • Understand your revenue potential with analysis, data, and remarketing funnel integrations
    • Increasing your return on ad spend from your previous results, and potentially maximizing it with consistent structure modeling
    • Maximizing your conversion rate & Average order value through streamlined funnels
    • Always consulting you and assisting you in designing high converting creatives according to the trending social culture
    • Creating and innovation of converting ad-copy that resonates with your audience through the funnel
    • Taking the headache of advertising from you so you can only focus on improving your product and logistics
    • Feel confident, empowered and saving you years and thousands of dollars

    We give 30 days-money back guarantee after we have started launching the campaigns. 

    Unlike other agencies, our onboarding process only takes 60-90 mins from your time where we can get all the information and assets needed. After that, we do a strategy call where we give creative consultation, then when all assets are ready, we can start immediately.

    We initially ask clients to stay with us for 3 months. This gives us time to create the ultimate ROI machine.


    We have limited places for 2022. Please submit your application ASAP. Spots will be filled as soon as we find suitable candidates.

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