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We guarantee results with our systemized Email & SMS strategy within 60 days.

no results! money-back guarantee & we pay you the losses back!

We’re a full-service ecommerce growth agency helping DTC eCom brands scale by building profitable marketing systems using the highest 2-ROI marketing channels

what if i told you.. you can boost up your business revenue to 50% + in 90 days without doing anything!?

Many business owners, founders, CEOs, or marketing managers struggle to scale their brands due to these 3 problems

  • Not enough time to think about hectic details
  • Unable to find the right strategy
  • Unable to gain the right experience to implement
  • Juggling priorities

We know that you do not have the time to implement everything. Time and critical thinking is your most valuable resources. you want to focus on innovation and product development first, but you can not, because you are juggling strategies and tactics to scale your brand.

This is where TAS Digital comes in to take as your partner of growth to take this headache and stress from you. With our smooth operations, transparency, and communications, you will do minimum to zero effort and see your brand scale to great heights

our expertise in integrating between email & sms


200%+ Increase in Email Revenue

Our  years of email design experience will transform your email designs within your brand guidelines that will make your customers want to open and engage with your brand.


15%-25% Increase in open rate

TAS Digital’s copywriters are experts in crafting personalized brand tone, offers, CTAs and SMS conversations that will differentiate you from your competitors. and increase your customers’ loyalty.


2,000% - 5,000%+ ROI

Combining automated SMS & Email flows within the strategy grabs subscribers, keeps them engaged and ready to convert with abandoned cart emails, upsells, cross-sells, and post-purchases.


1,000% - 2,500%+ ROI

TAS Digital strategists will craft your Email & SMS promotional campaigns that align with your brand to create out-of-the-box offers and designs that will generate great results.


100% increase in performance

As data scientists, we love testing and reading metrics to find & craft the freshest subject lines, hero banners, messaging, and timing strategy — guaranteed.


4X+ Subscribers

Our Conversion Rate experts and strategists will deploy eye-catching pop-ps and teasers to grow loyal customers. With segmenting, we ensure to target the right audience at the right time for significant conversions

what to expect? our clients pay $1 and get $35 back!

1000 %
$ 10000 +
10 %


"Without Email & SMS strategies, we would have never scaled our brand, Talal and his team also helped us build these channels and capture over 5,000 loyal customers"

Basel Jazzazi Co-Founder of Roots

"Other than Snapchat ads, TAS established beautiful designs and great strategies with email marketing converting most of our traffic. definitely recommended!

Samuel Sotomayer CEO of Sotomayer Markeitng

"TAS Digital has helped The Eid Tree achieve 80,000 ROI through SMS flows only in 30 days."

Farah CEO of The Eid Tree

"Goes above and beyond to make sure you r equipped to do the task at hand. Very satisfied went above and beyond my expectations. you're reading this right now I wouldn't look any further for anyone else to hire other than this man right here...."

Eren CEO of Hoodooden

I can't even say how supportive they are, they understood exactly our requirements and gave us recommendations and listened carefully to what we needed, they are masters in Email & SMS.

Mike L. Designation

    designs/copy that makes your clients convert

    the g-a-s-s strategy

    G-auge & Analyze
    We gauge and analyze every aspect of your brand
    We go deep in understanding your product, service, and values. checking your current marketing, Email, and SMS strategy, discovering what works the best, what must be altered, and what must be avoided. We'll take a comprehensive look at your brand, your business, and your audience to learn exactly how to build long-term customer loyalty, value, and engagement.
    A-pproach the Master plan
    Preparing the perfect strategy for your brand
    We create a unique approach to your Email & SMS master plan to implement it Into your particular business. To achieve your specific short- and long-term marketing goals, we identify the perfect approach, designs, copy and execution style that aligns with your brand guidelines, brand tone, audience, and product
    S-tudy & Test
    Test, study, benchmark and test again to get your the best ROI
    As data geeks, we test then study reports and every detail of every flow, campaign and automation the Email and SMS marketing strategy. we process this data to ensure we reach predictable results and prevent guessing metrics for your brand.
    S-caling the Strategy
    Experience the automated growth strategy
    After the Email & SMS empire is developed, this is where we double down on what works and start our escalation phase. With planned campaigns and consistent optimized flows. This phase is where your brand will experience ongoing growth in Life Time Customer Value, Average Order Value, Conversion Rates, and Loyalty.

    why tas digital

    the ultimate remote team

    Talal Abu Alshamat
    Founder & CEO

    TAS Digital is a fully remote agency with a team all around the globe working ruthlessly with revolutionary brands’ founders to solve problems for millions of people worldwide.

    Talal started his digital marketing journey building eCommerce businesses and creating marketing strategies around them. After realizing his marketing passion, he started gaining experience, certifications, and helping small businesses grow. In the journey, he discovered great brands with big goals and great solutions built on weak marketing foundations, so he decided to start a venture with relentlessly talented and passionate marketers that have pure knowledge of the social landscape like no other.

    Talal Abu Alshamat
    Founder & CEO

    are we a good fit?

    We are very selective about new clients/partners. We are looking for businesses that are a good fit for our culture of growth, constant improvement, and fast tempo work.



    With advertising tracking issues affecting data collection and optimization, using Email & SMS is crucial right now to build a loyal community, creating consistent engagement with your loyal clients which will improve your LTV and AOV in 50%+ in conversions

    If you are not achieving at least 30% conversions in email and over 2000% ROI with SMS then there is great potential for improvement. Understanding your audience, optimizing your flows, campaigns, brand tone, your designs and copy will definitely scale your sales.

    Yes we do the full service including full designs of Email flows and campaigns, also full copy creation for Email and SMS. reviews and editing is unlimited

    Yes, we offer a money-back guarantee if you did not see an increase in your Email conversions or SMS ROI

    Unlike other agencies, our onboarding process only takes 60-90 mins from your time where we can get all the information and assets needed. After that, we do a strategy call where we give creative consultation, then when all assets are ready, we can start immediately.

    We initially ask clients to stay with us for 3 months. This gives us time to create the ultimate ROI machine.

    ready to begin your email & sms advertising journey?

    We have limited places for 2022. The spots will be filled as soon as we find suitable candidates.

    TAS digital resources


    In this article we want to talk about the fundamentals for a business owner, digital marketer or team manager for optimizing performance …

    Machine Learning is here and its growing everyday. As Humans, we are in luck, or not! but we can have to understand it and take advantage of it in our advertising strategies.

    Yes, the solution is finally here! no its not a magic software that solves your website's problems. It is step by step configurations that you should do to be able to track your Facebook Ads, Snapchat Ads, and Tiktok Ads.

    We will teach you to identify the most common points of friction in the discovery, purchase and post-purchase phases of the path to purchase. In Addition, We will show you tricks on how to reduce friction.

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