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150% increase in sales with 4x-5x return - 100k monthly ad spend

TAS Digital have helped Blackout Coffee (That resulted in the brand raising valued at 17 million USD) profitably scale with controllable and predictable advertising strategies. With the in-house team of strategists, designers, email and SMS marketing, we have re-structured the brand design, advertising and strategy.

We made the switch to Tas Digital, and we are seeing a higher ROI across the board. Talal and his team are professional, trustworthy, can provide advice, and deliver results; they’re absolutely worth it.

John Santos


Blackout Coffee

Helped over 100 brands all over the world

Helped over 100 brands

…and many more
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50% increase in sales within 6 months

This brand is an award one of the best e-commerce brands in UAE. TAS Digital have helped Nature Hedonist within more than 6 months acting as a marketing team to the brand. The full agency team works monthly to provide advertising, conversion rate, AOV, LTV, and analytical strategies that helped this brand win.

We started working with Tas Agency end of last year as part of digital marketing strategy for our e-commerce platform. What we appreciate the most is that Tas agency team is part of our Nature Hedonist team, and they share the passion and willingness to grow our brand not only to Gulf markets but also worldwide. Focusing on results and deliverables, they do not wait for us to take the first step, they always come up with some new ideas and researches.

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TAS Digital systems make it as easy as possible to on-board you and start launching your first advertising strategy

The ACO Operation

Starting with our Analysis and research (A) strategy. The team will dig deep into your brand to understand the persona, messaging and guidelines, from there we work our magic to create and perfect the right content which is copy and creatives (C) along with managing the right offers (O)
Direction Arrows

Building the Foundation

The team feeds on your data, they will analyze, evaluate and optimize consistently to get the right foundation running. Weekly reporting and Bi-Weekly meetings is crucial for the team to find the right scaling strategy for your brand
Direction Arrows

Becoming the market behemoth

Through time and a lot of cooking and testing. TAS Digital will find the right path for your brand to inject more budget & scale profitably to become the beast in the market that competitors will fear.

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30 mins may change your perspective on advertising and CRO

Free Resources

In this article we want to talk about the fundamentals for a business owner, digital marketer or team manager for optimizing performance …

Machine Learning is here and its growing everyday. As Humans, we are in luck, or not! but we can have to understand it and take advantage of it in our advertising strategies.

Yes, the solution is finally here! no its not a magic software that solves your website's problems. It is step by step configurations that you should do to be able to track your Facebook Ads, Snapchat Ads, and Tiktok Ads.

We will teach you to identify the most common points of friction in the discovery, purchase and post-purchase phases of the path to purchase. In Addition, We will show you tricks on how to reduce friction.